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Portland South Primary School is located in the south-west corner of the State, a distance of 360km from Melbourne, and was established in 1962 to serve the needs of the many young families moving into a growing residential area. Many of our students are the children or grandchildren of past pupils and a sense of continuity and communal belonging is reflected in the school’s active involvement with the local community. 

The school places high value on its rich heritage and the interaction with the broader community and reflects this in school programs. Our school enjoys strong links with its local community. Community groups also use the school facilities for a range of activities.  Portland South Primary School fosters a love of learning. Our school community works together to collaboratively nurture, motivate and educate our children to become inquiring and passionate lifelong learners. 

Vision -  The Portland South Primary School community is recognised as a happy and fun learning environment where children have the opportunity to “Reach to the Stars to achieve success”.

Mission -  The Portland South Primary School community shares the responsibility for supporting individuals to paneraigmt develop a strong sense of self-worth; respect for others and our school; knowledge of how to learn; creativity and healthy life skills to prepare for future success.

Values -  Respect for Self, Respect for others & Respect for our school.



 Our Principal is Mrs Vicki Fisher.